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As our age advances our body undergoes a lot of transformations. Skin changes with age, becoming thinner and differnt than it used to be. On one hand there is a feeling of being indepentdent and relieved of responsibilities, and havinbg lot of time for us and on the other hand, feeling of anxiety, possible insecurities, loneliness and depression also creep in. In addition we are constantly battling thoughts about our waning looks and shapeless body.
Some of the common problems that we face during this period:

Dry Skin: It leads to itching, bleeding and even infection.
Wrinlkles: The ultra violet rays make our skin less elastic and supple causing it to sag and wrinkle
Foot Problems: These are quite common among the senior citizens. These can be owing to normal wear and tear or indicative or serious health problems such as diabetics, arthrities, and nerve or circulatory disorders
Back pain: May result from something as simple as poor sleeping habits or incorrect posyure and lifiting techniques

How Orchid can help you...

With more than 16 years of experience of handling clients with similar complaints, we at Orchid have developed the necessary expertise and experience to resolve all these probles effectively to the satisfaction of our customers. One of the cornerstone of our theripies is the Massage Therapy, which is now regarded all over th eworld, as one of the most effective treatment for a host of problems. The aim of massage therapy is to increase circulation and blood flow thereby rejuvenating the muscles and tissues in the affected area. It also stimulates endorphin production which is a natural feel good checmical produced by the body that helps to deal with pain. We have an offer for the senior citizens. Come along with your age proof and avail the exclusive range of treatments especially designes for you at a discounted cost. Pampering and saving come and get the best of both at Orchid.
Avail any of our Ageless Beauty and Hair Treatments packages tailor- made to suit your budgets.

Ageless Relaxation:
  • Pedicure
  • Hair colour
  • Haircut
  • Facial
  • Relaxing Head massage

Ageless Revival:
  • Collastic Facial
  • Paraffin Pedicure
  • Relaxing Body Massage
  • Relaxing Head Massage.
Hydra moist face clean + express pedicure + express manicure @ 850/-

Hair cut + blow dry @ 660/- + hair spa free worth Rs: 850/-

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